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Main support work
Sales team
Divisional Marketing
Developing customers, customer service
● Already in: Shenzhen, Beijing, Kunshan, Hefei, Xian, Chengdu,Ganzhou and other places to set up offices
Customer Service
Marketing team
Customer maintenance
Customer documentation, contract signing, quotation, order processing, delivery follow-up;
●Most of the staff majored in English level 8, and are very fluent in business listening, speaking, reading and writing;
Shipping, reconciliation, payment; ●1 professional Japanese translator, proficient in business listening, speaking and writing;
Market research
Market analysis, consumer behavior survey, customer demand analysis and maintenance. ●All personnel have a bachelor's degree or above, and have many years of experience in finance, document issuance and documentary.
Quality assurance team
Quality management
Quality management of the whole process from material to delivery, handling routine and technical quality follow-up in production and testing.
●Has online AOI, hole position AOI, finished hole inspection machine, line width measuring instrument, automatic electrical measuring machine, appearance inspection machine, plate thickness measuring machine, negative film inspection machine, two-dimensional, four-wire testing machine and other monitoring and measurement complete sets equipment;
Document Control
Establishment, operation and maintenance of various management systems. Such as leading the internal and external audit and management review work; overall management of the company system, administrative system and other related documents, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of documents and so on. ●Has established ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949, ISO13485, safety standardization, intellectual property and other systems, passed UL, CQC product certification and won the title of "Top 100 Circuit Board Enterprises";
Quality Assurance
Product reliability and failure prevention, analysis, tracking of process correction and prevention, calibration, measurement, maintenance, management and MSA analysis of testing and monitoring equipment, continuous promotion of quality activities, etc. ●Has CMI-700, CMI-900, impedance testing machine, metallographic microscope, RoHS measuring instrument, ion pollution measuring machine, X-Ray thickness measuring instrument, thermal shock testing machine, constant temperature and humidity testing machine, salt spray testing machine, etc. Complete supporting experimental inspection equipment, and has been rated as an excellent supplier and strategic partner by many customers.
R&D technical team
R&D Department
Development of new products, new processes, new materials and new manufacturing processes, tackling key technical difficulties, applying for patents, and reducing production costs.
Won the national high-tech enterprise certificate, 1 software copyright, 1 invention patent, 9 utility patents, and was rated as a gazelle enterprise in Jiangxi Province.Zhanggong District Technology Innovation Center, the first batch of Ganzhou digital economy key enterprises, municipal intellectual property advantages, demonstration enterprises, National intellectual property advantage enterprises, municipal innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, Ganzhou City science and technology innovation enabling special, science and technology innovation work outstanding units; 1 software copyright, 5 invention patents, 23 practical patents.
Engineering Department
Confirm customer design, provide technical support, and provide production instructions on time and accurately to produce 2-20-layer circuit boards; ●Auxiliary production automation system, spot inspection information system, and engineering information management system corresponding to various positions such as review, MI, CAM, and audit.
Information and Information Department
The overall construction planning and maintenance of the enterprise information system. ●ERP system, MES system.

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